Theresa P Book Comments

Teresa P – New Jersey -Emails me ‘Bout “Not a Real Enemy”  Great feedback-please find the miracles at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, USHMM in DC-a review without slack! Never forget. Never again. #Hungarian#Historians#NewJersey#LinkedIn#Israel

Brian H Review

The Life of Brian: Brian H DirectorProducerScreenwriterTeacherNovelist Appreciate the awesome review, no jest-he’s also a World Class Martial Artist! Please check out “Not a Real Enemy”   at Barnes & Noble, the USHMM in DC, Amazon-all on the horizon! #Boston#LosAngeles#BeverlyHills#MartialArts#California

Marci from Canada Review “Not a Real Enemy”

Oh #Canada!  We stand on guard   for thee! You said it, Canada   Marci- “Not a Real Enemy”  at Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Amazon, USHMM in DC, open the lock find the key! Ey? Favorite national anthem?  Favorite  Canadian #band? #bookworm#bookreview #RUSH 

Jewish Journal Boca Raton

Made the #Jewish Journal, Boca Raton  Haven’t read it yet? Get off your phone  Thank you Alex  From #Ukraine, who we may annex  Hangin’ with the Russian Three Or Hungarian Three, don’t matter to me  As long as you read “Not a Real Enemy”  Please find these 3 at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, the latter […]

Jewish Link article/NY/NJ/CT/thanks all-don’t say it enough! 

Thrilled that the “Jewish Link” features National Indie Excellence Award  winning “Not a Real Enemy,” available at Walmart, Amazon, USHMM in DC, Barnes & Noble, more- Please ask your favorite store!  One click, nice pick:  #Antisemitism#JewishLink#NewYork#NewJersey#Connecticut Thank you all as always, I don’t say it enough! Best team evaaaahhhh!! XO from FL! Rob

Lesia surprise FB review

A girl A curl A swirl A whirl A pearl! Thank you   Lesia for this heartfelt note and review-looking   forward to meeting you too! Please check out “Not a Real Enemy” at the USHMM in DC, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, & Amazon-right on the horizon! #Hungarians#Historians#Harrowing#Holocaust #Survival

Marcie S review

You go to a concert and meet a nice person interested in your work. 3 months later, you get a nice, heartfelt review by email. Appreciated, Marcie! Multiple-award winning “Not a Real Enemy” is available at Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, more-please ask your local store! #Holland#Hungary#Holocaust#Harrowing#Historians

Hooray for Hollywood

Hooray for #Hollywood! Kudos to the cool kids at Kuro in the casino   before the show-a pleasure talking with the guys about the adventures and miracles, as well as the perils of persecution, racism, and antisemitism in “Not a Real Enemy”  And the jams of the day! They get it. Besides these 2 copies, also available at […]