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Was just thinking: When he escaped and on the run, where did he think he would end up? Was there really a perceived light at the end of the tunnel? All in multiple award-winning “Not a Real Enemy!”  You can find the scary adventures at Barnes & Noble, Walmart, the USHMM in DC, and Amazon-just […]

Coop and Scoop

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Tinkey and Binky

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Lorrie Goodreads Review

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Goodreads Review

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Lisa T

The “Not a Real Enemy” #team Part 9: Proud to say a new friend of mine Introducing Lisa Tener If she’s your professor, sure to get tenure #Writer, coach, speaker, mentor meets the great Mitch Albom Our band could throw together one hell of an album  Thanks Lisa T! She’s guided to coauthor, book cover, […]


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