The “Not a Real Enemy” #team part 4: We’ve got Maddie, who needs more? #SEO, website, Instagram, #Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, down to the core Please find the award winning book at Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble-ask your local store! Thanks Maddie, for a great two years and counting! #socialmedia#marketing#booklover


Liesbeth, Liesbeth smarter than Macbeth Celebration  time, put on your best dress  She and the #team took many chances Two awards later, the book advances! Ty Liesbeth for the ongoing support and getting us through the door Please   find a copy at your favorite store! Not a Real Enemy By Robert J Wolf and Janice Harper also […]

Team Janice

Since “Not a Real Enemy” has won 2 awards,    time to reintroduce the band, the awesome #team who made it happen: Coauthor Janice, ghostwriter, educator, cultural anthropologist, coach, blogger, and friend. #Pragmatic and perfectionist, this “how to” book below is also one of her many fine works-Thanks so much Jan-collaboration with a plan! Please find […]

Jewish Culture and Holocaust Remembrance Appearance

Sunday’s monthly JCHR program was well received, a nice engaging turnout, and thanks Jeffery for letting me share multi-award winning  “Not a Real Enemy!” My talk was the first of three: ( Never forgetNever again Please also find the story at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, the USHMM in DC-help us rekindle days of glory! […]

Miriam from Down Under Review

And you know it makes me wonder What’s going on down under #Australia    Australia     Australia      Australia  We love you! Amen  Is your name not Bruce? No, it’s Miriam! Your review generates a nice delirium! Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, USHMM in DC, Walmart, please add  to cart! #MontyPython#Melbourne#Sydney#CSNY#book

JCHR Author Talk – Sunday 1pm/Live Zoom

Pleased and proud that JCHR invited me to talk about award-winning “Not a Real Enemy,” as well as two other great authors discussing #survival, Jenna and Dr. Ruth S. Here is the link to the live Zoom, hope you’re in this fine chat room: This Sunday, 1pm, EDT You can read about the dark world […]

Grandson Al at the Holocaust Museum

Grandson Al What a pal! He’s swell Can you tell? Indescribable joy: He visits the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in DC and sends this to me can’t imagine anything so dear As an author you made my year! “Not a Real Enemy” also found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, please add to cart  One click, […]