Rahim Thompson recommendation (ILHMEC)

Major #recommendation by righteous Rahim ️️Runs his museum like a well-oiled machine Some topics stark, others dark Our program hit it out of the park! Please find #award-winning   Not a Real Enemy By Robert J Wolf  there, Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Tufts University, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in DC, more https://mybook.to/I3hEA5 Be […]

Audio podcast w/Benjamin/Your Lot and Parcel

Poignant #podcast with Benjamin Has the wisdom of Solomon Never forget Never again Our book’s hero knew how to win! https://www.buzzsprout.com/1206776/14530603 Please find award-winning Not a Real Enemy By Robert J Wolf at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Tufts U, and the IL & DC Holocaust Museums  https://mybook.to/I3hEA5 #Spirit#Escape#Miracles#Redemption

Dr Mehak Burza review, Holocaust Educator from India

This remarkable young lady is a #professor who specializes in Holocaust #education, and wrote this super review-The first out of #India  about award-winning Not a Real Enemy By Robert J Wolf!  Thank you Dr. Burza-Great ending to a rough week! Please find the adventure at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Walmart, the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education […]

One More Thing Before You Go Podcast

#Podcast #32 Don’t hate a guy just ‘cause he’s a Jew Murder, enslavement, starvation no better We battle on to the last letter!  Please find 4 award-winning   Not a Real Enemy By Robert J Wolf at Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Amazon, Tufts University, and the IL & DC Holocaust Museums https://mybook.to/I3hEA5 #communication#collaboration#education PodMatch

Media Boss Podcast

Today’s list includes #Podcast #31 No where to hide, no where to run Thanks for the chat Dr. Barrett Share it, fare it… But don’t take a slice of my pie  Talking “Not a Real Enemy” with a really nice guy #media#coaches#speakers#entrepreneurs Pink Floyd  PodMatch Please find the award-winning bio at Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, the Tufts […]

Politically High-Tech Podcast (29)

#Podcast #29 We speak the truth, no memes or mimes Thank you to my fine host Elias No punches pulled, really, no bias! Please find award-winning “Not a Real Enemy” @ Barnes & Noble, Amazon, the @TuftsUniversity Bookstore, the IL & US Holocaust Museums & Walmart https://mybook.to/I3hEA5 One slick click, just add to cart!  https://vimeo.com/828176578/76da16490 #Bookstagram#Booklovers#Bookish […]

On the Brink podcast #27

#Podcast #27: On the Brink Really makes you think  Who’s real, who’s honest, who’s the fink? Accept the truth, have a drink  Know the difference between the leader and the dink Super chat, here’s the link  https://bit.ly/RobertWolfPodcast Thank you,   Scott & John! https://mybook.to/I3hEA5 Please find award-winning Not a Real Enemy By Robert J Wolf   at Barnes & […]