Book presentation May 1, sponsored by Golden Gate Breakfast Club

Robert J. Wolf MD

Appreciate this well thought out, thorough, poignant introduction to our upcoming book presentation, and the accompanying discussion.

Hope, loneliness, humiliation, integrity, survival, persecution, starvation, war, pestilence, torture, loss, resilience, determination, redemption, and the perils of racism and antisemitism are some of the many messages included here.

How about the fleeting privileges of our own comforts?

Thank you to the remarkable Golden Gate Breakfast Club (GGBC), Patricia Fripp, and Susan RoAne for reaching out and making this happen!

I look forward to seeing you Wednesday, May 1 (Mayday-so appropriate), 10am EDT (7am PST), and please log on no later than 10:45am EDT. The link to the event


Don’t you… forget about me! 


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