First friend Sandy

My first and most longstanding friend Sandy comes to the hometown book talk, 57 years later-Thanks to you and Elaine, the next door neighbor! Award-winning  Not a Real Enemy By Robert J Wolf can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, the USHMM in DC, the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center,and here at […]

Mike K – 55 Years of Friendship!

A 55+ year friendship, reunited again, talking 120 years of history, our great parents, & lamenting the losses of the 9-1-1 victims. Thanks Mike, an honor knowing you all this time! Never forgetNever again Multiple award-winning  Not a Real Enemy By Robert J Wolf   available at Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, the USHMM in […]

Thank You Mike & Heidi

Thanks to my gracious hosts, who I think I got hooked on #NYC style lox & eggs, and on hybrid hot & sour/egg drop, needless to say, treated me like a prince, we’re talking a friend for 55 years! Todah Mike & Heidi, back to FL! Primo folks! Happy Sunday Funday! #Detroit

Book in Michigan Medicine Magazine Summer 2023

35th Anniversary of graduating University of #Michigan Med School, and what a gift- Multiple award-winning “Not a Real Enemy” in the Medicine at Michigan #Magazine-A true lift!  Please find a copy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, the USHMM in DC, more-ask your favorite store! Thank you editors and crew, and don’t forget: “Go […]

Mark Cahill – Author’s Coach, Website Developer

The “Not a Real Enemy” #team Part 5: Mark C is brilliant, no jive Never boring, quite alive Because of him, our story thrives! He’s been on this path with me almost since inception, amazing coach and #mentor #Author, social media/tech guru, #SEO and website inventor! Builder of: Most important: friend! Please find the […]

Dad’s 101st Birthday

Happy heavenly 101st birthday dad, born May 27, 1922! RIP  The gift that keeps on giving: We wrote an award-winning book   called “Not a Real Enemy” and you’re playing the lead! In fact, a large part beyond the confines of the cover-a great read! #description#restriction#conviction#conscription#prescription