Mom’s 6th Anniversary Yahrzeit

We had mom’s 6th anniversary Yahrzeit, or memorial, by the Hebrew calendar 5782 last week, and today is the same by the standard calendar-she was loyal and patriotic to the U.S., Hungary, and Israel. While she never belonged to a political party and was certainly never racist or discriminatory; instead, she was engaging and always had a piqued interest in others!

After meeting dad, Ervin, she was the crux of any good decision he ever made, including his 4th and final escape! Rest in peace, mom (Judit).

The handsome man on the right was her late boyfriend of 13 years (essentially my stepdad), Eugene, who emigrated from Hungary before WWII. He then returned to fight for the U.S. in Europe during that same theater. Thank you for your service, and you also RIP, good sir!

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