Visit To Caesarea, Israel

During my trip to Israel, I had the pleasure of visiting the city of Caesarea. The ancient metropolis was built by Herod the Great to serve as a major Roman port. Here are some of the sites I visited while in Caesarea:

This incredible sight reminds me of “Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii,” one of the best “rockumentaries” ever, but it’s actually Caesarea, Israel. Here is the Roman Theatre of Caesarea Maritima, which features an up-close view of the Mediterranean. Jethro Tull, The Pixies, Eric Clapton, and other stars have played here.

The city also holds a large sarcophagus, where King Herod’s wive’s were laid to rest (he had several killed).

Here are the remains of King Herod’s temple, which was destroyed when the Romans reclaimed Jerusalem in 70 CE.

The city holds an amazing hippodrome, which was used to race horses and chariots. The long horse track has a sharp turn at the end, and participants completed seven laps!

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