Lunchtime at the wall of Old City brings us to Jerusalem suburbia: Ein Rafa, a village west of Jerusalem that was founded in the 1940’s. In a co-existence project in Ein Rafa, children and teachers from the local school meet with Jewish children for joint activities in which they share food and games and become more trusting of one another.

Our awesome guide Henry (left) greets our gracious host, then a Middle East cooking class, a meet and greet (translated) with the engaging Imam, an Islamic leadership position. He may lead Islamic worship services, lead prayers, serve as a community leader and provide religious guidance. One of several calls for prayer in this otherwise peaceful tourist town.

Magnificent meal, fresh and one of the best, most authentic foods during the trip!

Our host knew the lyrics to more rock songs than most Americans-cool guy!

“Not a Real Enemy: The True Story of a Hungarian Jewish Man’s Fight for Freedom” is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online!

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