Robert Wolf Wins 2023 Nautilus Book Award for “Not a Real Enemy”

I am grateful, honored, and humbled to announce that “Not a Real Enemy” has won a Nautilus Book Award for 2023! The recognition makes this post one of my most important and relevant notices ever. A gracious thank you to coauthor Janice, Liesbeth, Mark, Lisa, Melissa, and so many others who have helped make this […]

NBC Miami Interview with Robert J. Wolf

#Miami menorah at the NBC studio, the book mingling with #FIFAWorldCup2022 programs, part of the wonderful live in studio TV interview experience-Congrats again to #Argentina btw! Happy Hanukkah from “Not a Real Enemy,” available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Watch the Interview here…

Dr. Robert J. Wolf on The Road Less Traveled Podcast

Listen to Rob talk about his new book “Not a Real Enemy” on The Road Less Traveled Show with hosts Bill Zahler and Richard Coyne. Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on here. Listen on Google Podcasts here.

The Good Doctor’s Demeanor

The few people that knew Dr. Ervin Wolf (dad) appreciated his fun-loving and never-ending sense of humor. Despite his thick and endearing Hungarian accent, his mastery of the English language was better than most Americans. A friend of the family recently said that Dr. Wolf had a heart of gold, and his great attitude prevailed […]


Rob Wolf Appears on Great Day Live

Another Great Day live in Tampa Bay indeed-the opportunity to discuss “Not a Real Enemy” in studio, & thank you to the awesome #CBS crew-9am this morning, much anticipated!

My Wonderful Hungarian Cousin

What a delight to reunite with my timeless #Hungarian cousin Zsuzsanna, long overdue, but great reminiscing about the family, well respected and always kind-her dad was a history #professor at University of Indiana, an expert on #Europe!

“Not a Real Enemy” Now Available at Holocaust Museum

We wake up to the beginning of another amazing week, learning that “Not a Real Enemy” reached the shelves at the U.S. #Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.-so humbled and grateful, what a nice honor! The astounding biography is also available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Walmart!

Author Jo Sorochinsky Reviews “Not a Real Enemy”

So nice to get such critical acclaim and kind praise from fellow Amsterdam Publishers author Jo, who wrote a fine book “Dancing With My Father!” Her story also covers #Vienna. More soon…Jo is Irish   and Canadian-  Merci beaucoup!

Rob Wolf On Wynmoor Community Authors Video Cast

Grateful for the opportunity to Zoom chat with our Wynmoor Community and share a comprehensive description of the stories and messages in “Not a Real Enemy” with our hosts, guests, and supreme fellow #authors, which led to our #book signings!  Hola and Shalom Caroline, Lynne, and Destiny!  Watch the discussion here…

Rob Sawyer’s Review of “Not A Real Enemy”

The gifted Doc Rob, other Bob, also known as the Tasmanian Devil back in the day (great athlete): “I couldn’t put it down!” He’s Chief of Surgery in #Kalamazoo, a talented transplant and general #surgeon, influenced and inspired by Erv Wolf MD,“Not a Real Enemy!” Why not start? The adventure found at Amazon, Barnes & […]