Not A Real Enemy Wins NIEA Award

Psyched and pleased to share   “Not a Real Enemy” just won a 2nd award, so humbled by the recognition from the NIEA!  Speechless Can’t ever thank the team enough, and we will re-introduce the cadre  Please find the adventure at Amazon, Walmart, USHMM in DC, Barnes & Noble- The truth, no foible! #bookstagram#bookawards#bookworm#bookish#biography

Robert Wolf Wins 2023 Nautilus Book Award for “Not a Real Enemy”

I am grateful, honored, and humbled to announce that “Not a Real Enemy” has won a Nautilus Book Award for 2023! The recognition makes this post one of my most important and relevant notices ever. A gracious thank you to coauthor Janice, Liesbeth, Mark, Lisa, Melissa, and so many others who have helped make this […]

NBC Miami Interview with Robert J. Wolf

#Miami menorah at the NBC studio, the book mingling with #FIFAWorldCup2022 programs, part of the wonderful live in studio TV interview experience-Congrats again to #Argentina btw! Happy Hanukkah from “Not a Real Enemy,” available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Watch the Interview here…


Pablo at Latitudes

No platitudes from Pablo at Latitudes, after returning home to south #Florida, and the amazing raw bar manager buys “Not a Real Enemy,” the first of a doubleheader! Please find the interesting stories at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, more: Ask your local bookstore! #Atlantic #adventure […]

Bonnie Vegas in Naples

 Not Johnny Vegas, rather blondie Bonnie Vegas, visiting #Naples and her pals (left) at the grill-pleasure meeting these fine folks, and thanks for the support of “Not a Real Enemy!” Sorry I couldn’t hang longer, had to head home. At Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, more… Ask your local bookstore! […]

Happy Doctors Day

Happy #Doctors Day! Best to all in the profession! G-d bless all your hard work! Pleasure as always, Rob Wolf, MD, #radiologist, #author   “Not a Real Enemy,” a bio about my late dad navigating through the dark world, a 4 time escape artist, surviving 2 wars, outwitting the Nazis and Communists, enduring relentless #antisemitism, countless […]

Rob Wolf on the Avi Hoffman YI Love Jewish Podcast

Honored to know the great Avi Hoffman, a popular local entertainer, singer, and comedian, who gives so much back to the community- He invited me to do a podcast today with Y I   #Jewish about “Not a Real Enemy,” and I am grateful! He is founder and CEO of this great organization. #Antisemitism and other […]

Serena In Napes

Say hi to Serena, not from Alpena, but a friend at Jack’s, famed #Michigan themed sports nook next to the new Holocaust Museum in #Naples, where I donated a copy of “Not a Real Enemy!” Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, USHMM in DC, more!

Lisa Ross Review

College of Charleston #Professor Lisa Ross shares her wonderful review of “Not a Real Enemy” with us this weekend, and thank you-much appreciated! Please check it out at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, more! #Michigan #SouthCarolina #Hungary #history

Marcus & JC in Naples!

Marcus Aurelius, another bestie from #Massachusetts, with JC, his initials: we’ll talk shortly! Hanging in Naples, without Marla Maples, but bought ink at Staples- Amazing mason Mark moved me to continue working “Not a Real Enemy!” Thank you for your service, across the pond (English Army)- And support! Please find the #adventure at Amazon, Barnes […]

CBA praises Fri talk!

Appreciated #Congregation Beth Adam’s invitation to join them to discuss “Not a Real Enemy” and participate in their service last week. Thanks for the nice feedback and thank you BJ Saul and others! Also found at Walmart and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, more- Ask at your local bookstores! #antisemitism #Florida […]

AP author book and Martin B review

#Amsterdam Publishers author Martin Bodek nails it with this review of “Not a Real Enemy,” and thank you kind sir! Please find at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, more, or: Ask at your local bookstore! Another amazing #adventure, his “Zaidy’s War,” is sure worth a look […]

Osc & Gino

Gino and the Guldemonds-Tim (“Osc,” after Oscar Goldman, remember him?) and sweet wife Robin come all the way down to #Florida from MA to see this thrice postponed but amazing show by #Canada’s timeless Gino Vannelli!