Reader’s Favorite Award!

Indescribable joy and gratitude-4th book award!

Thank you Liesbeth, Amsterdam Publishers, Janice Harper, and to our unbelievable team helping with all of this-Surreal!


Living Now Book Award

Don’t know what to say

This really made my day

“Not a Real Enemy” wins 3rd book #award!

Shabbat Shalom, thank the Lord!

Not A Real Enemy Wins NIEA Award

Psyched and pleased to share   “Not a Real Enemy” just won a 2nd award, so humbled by the recognition from the NIEA!  Speechless Can’t ever thank the team enough, and we will re-introduce the cadre  Please find the adventure at Amazon, Walmart, USHMM in DC, Barnes & Noble- The truth, no foible! #bookstagram#bookawards#bookworm#bookish#biography

Robert Wolf Wins 2023 Nautilus Book Award for “Not a Real Enemy”

I am grateful, honored, and humbled to announce that “Not a Real Enemy” has won a Nautilus Book Award for 2023! The recognition makes this post one of my most important and relevant notices ever. A gracious thank you to coauthor Janice, Liesbeth, Mark, Lisa, Melissa, and so many others who have helped make this […]


Ironton Tribune Features “Not A Real Enemy”

Ironic in Ironton that inspirational Nautilus Book Award winner “Not a Real Enemy” is featured in the Ironton Tribune, southern #Ohio, close to rival OSU, whereas I’m a #Michigan guy, but loving my midwestern folks and their support as always- Another one hitting close to home! Please find Ervin’s everlasting adventure at Amazon, Barnes & […]

Suffolk News-Herald Article

Superb and splendid that Suffolk News-Herald in #Virginia features Nautilus Book Award winner “Not a Real Enemy,” another area close to my soul as daughter Jen and granddaughter Kyra live in beautiful nearby Virginia Beach!  #Adventure available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, more- Why not ask […]

Times of San Diego Features “Not A Real Enemy”

We are thrilled about Nautilus Book Award winner “Not a Real Enemy” featured in the Times of San Diego, a favorite city of mine introduced by lovely daughter Shan (right)! Please find the story at Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Amazon, more-ask your local store! #TimesofSanDiego #California #inspiration #NotaRealEnemy #SanDiego

Meeting Friends in FLA

So great seeing Stacey and Kevin so often in the local music circuit in southern #Florida-one of the sweetest couples here, a pleasure knowing them! Plus their daughter soon to be a fellow #Michigan alum-alas a small world-Go Blue! Please find award-winning “Not a Real Enemy”  at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, the US Holocaust […]

Happy Mother’s Day

Nothing like the love of a mother and her best friend, Maya! From birth to Bar Mitzvah to bright and beautiful extended family-blessed! Happy Mothers Day to all! And RIP  dad, on the 26th anniversary of his passing- May 27, 1922-May 14, 1997 #mothers #memories #Michigan

New Book Cover with Nautilus Award Logo!

The new, improved “Not a Real Enemy” book cover-notice anything different?  What do you think?  Blessed and humbled to share, please find the miraculous stories at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, and your local fare! 

Mark Cahill Book Review

Thanks Mark, the one who has been along the “Not a Real Enemy” journey more than anyone! Mentor, coach, friend, confidant, author—and—he designs websites! If you like mine, please reach out… Believe me, this review is not biased-he respects the #literary world too much for that. The award winning amazing #adventure is at Amazon, Barnes […]

Ervin and Frank’s trek as slave laborers

This marvelous map shows the treacherous trek that the #Hungarian slave laborers had to endure, 1943-44, certainly circuitous! This includes young Ervin Wolf and his friend Frank (Feri, pictured later with his wonderful wife). The route and their #escapes are detailed in award winning “Not a Real Enemy!” Please find the #adventure at Amazon, Barnes […]

Boca Raton B & N Book Signing June 17!

Best news this weekend: Boca Barnes & Noble invited me to do a book signing Saturday, June 17, 2pm! Hope to see you there! Award winning “Not a Real Enemy” also found at Amazon, B & N online, Walmart, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, more-please ask your local store! #Florida #BocaRaton […]