Not A Real Enemy Wins NIEA Award

Psyched and pleased to share   “Not a Real Enemy” just won a 2nd award, so humbled by the recognition from the NIEA!  Speechless Can’t ever thank the team enough, and we will re-introduce the cadre  Please find the adventure at Amazon, Walmart, USHMM in DC, Barnes & Noble- The truth, no foible! #bookstagram#bookawards#bookworm#bookish#biography

Robert Wolf Wins 2023 Nautilus Book Award for “Not a Real Enemy”

I am grateful, honored, and humbled to announce that “Not a Real Enemy” has won a Nautilus Book Award for 2023! The recognition makes this post one of my most important and relevant notices ever. A gracious thank you to coauthor Janice, Liesbeth, Mark, Lisa, Melissa, and so many others who have helped make this […]

NBC Miami Interview with Robert J. Wolf

#Miami menorah at the NBC studio, the book mingling with #FIFAWorldCup2022 programs, part of the wonderful live in studio TV interview experience-Congrats again to #Argentina btw! Happy Hanukkah from “Not a Real Enemy,” available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Watch the Interview here…


Cinco de Mayo

Frozen strawberry  perfect margarita in #Mexico City anyone? Happy Cinco de Mayo! Enjoy! Trivia/#history buffs: In what year was the battle commemorated by this holiday? #CincodeMayo #freedom #celebrate

“Not a Real Enemy” on the shelves in Oceanside, CA

Overjoyed that Nautilus Book Award winning “Not a Real Enemy” is available at the Oceanside Barnes & Noble, 2615 Vista Way in Oceanside, CA 92054- Find your glide and come inside! Can’t make the trip? It’s also at Amazon, B & N online, Walmart, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, more-ask your local […]

Don Cohen on LinkedIn Live, “Hour of Empower” 

#LinkedIn Live host Don Cohen has invited me to today’s 11am program “Hour Of Empower,” which will hopefully be simulcast across the social media board-if not, we will be proud to share it as well-thank you kindly Don and Andrea! Today’s topic: Reinvention Lot of that in “Not a Real Enemy!” The book is found […]

Podcast with Robyn Tiger MD

The Eye of the Tiger  Robyn Tiger, the “Stress Free MD,” talks w/me about “Not a Real Enemy!” Wait & see! We are doing a podcast today, which should include many other topics as well; I am grateful Robyn, a long-standing supporter! Please find the award winning book: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, the US Holocaust […]

Dr. J. Caroline Crocker Review

Multiple genre author Dr. J. Caroline Crocker reviews Nautilus Book Award winning “Not a Real Enemy,” and many thanks to her-purchased her book “Brave Face” today; I look forward to reading her fine work as well! Please find a copy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, more-ask […]

Tammy Simmons Review

A Grand Slam with Tamm and crew from the Clem, and we thank them! “Not a Real Enemy” always found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, and please ask your local stores- #Michigan #Detroit #Hungary #book

Vanessa Supports “Not a Real Enemy”

Verifying the support of vibrant, vivacious, and convivial Vanessa Countessa, royalty indeed-Thanks for the continued newsfeed and for planting the tolerance seed! Help fight #racism and #antisemitism: “Not a Real Enemy” at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, soon to be more-please ask your local bookstore! #RhodeIsland […]

“Not a Real Enemy” on the Shelves at Boca Raton Barnes & Noble

You’re in MY neighborhood now-from coast to coast, back to Boca, where the book is on the shelves at Barnes & Noble, 1400 Glades Road, #Florida! Thank you crew! C’mon down! “Not a Real Enemy” is still at Amazon, Walmart, more, ask your local store! #NotaRealEnemy #Shouldbeamovie #book #BocaRaton

“Not a Real Enemy” in Studio City

Blessed that the book “Not a Real Enemy” is now available at Barnes & Noble Bookstar/Studio City in captivating #California! Dad, you’ve come a long way since the Roseville Theater Building, deservedly so! If you can’t make the trek, please try online: Amazon, B & N, Walmart, more, or: Just fly to California and pick […]