Robert Wolf on WNEM for Holocaust Remembrance Day

The little one thinks “How could this happen?” #Author of “Not a Real Enemy” reflecting on TV about International #Holocaust Remembrance Day, some 60 years after this picture with Ervin and Judit (dad and mom), survivors! Soon after, mom enjoying cousin Joanna, daughter and granddaughter of #survivors! The astounding stories shared at Amazon and Barnes […]

Wood TV 8 Interview with Robert Wolf

This week’s TV interview out of Grand Rapids, #Michigan-strong messages indeed, with promotion of education about history and the #Holocaust! Thank you wonderful Michele for interviewing me about “Not a Real Enemy on #NBC, well received indeed! Watch here…

Robert Wolf joins Morning Mix on Fox 17 for Interview

Magical #Michigan Moment near the Motor City, my birthplace, proud and privileged to have Fox 17 Grand Rapids invite me to discuss “Not a Real Enemy!” Important topics include tolerance, power, war, persecution, antisemitism, and redemption-Thank you so much indeed!9:30am EST Dad, the main character and eventually an OB/GYN, delivered thousands of babies near #Detroit!  […]

Robert Wolf Interviewed on WTXL Tallahassee

Terrific Tallahassee TV interview on “Not a Real Enemy: The True Story of a Hungarian Jewish Man’s Fight for Freedom” Dec 26, #ABC 27 TV WXTL-Grateful again for this grand crew! We discussed the importance of understanding and educating about #antisemitism, how to prevent it, as well as dad’s miraculous and brilliant ways of navigating […]

NBC Miami Interview with Robert J. Wolf

#Miami menorah at the NBC studio, the book mingling with #FIFAWorldCup2022 programs, part of the wonderful live in studio TV interview experience-Congrats again to #Argentina btw! Happy Hanukkah from “Not a Real Enemy,” available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Watch the Interview here…

Dec 9 post/Dec 1 Live NBC Miami Studio Interview

Marvelous Media Blitz Moves to #Miami, and thank you to NBC for discussing “Not a Real Enemy: The True Story of a Hungarian Jewish Man’s Fight for Freedom” and important topics such as #antisemitism-the live studio interview was an amazing experience! Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Never forget. Never again. Watch the Interview […]