CBA praises Fri talk!

Appreciated #Congregation Beth Adam’s invitation to join them to discuss “Not a Real Enemy” and participate in their service last week. Thanks for the nice feedback and thank you BJ Saul and others! Also found at Walmart and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, more- Ask at your local bookstores! #antisemitism #Florida […]

AP author book and Martin B review

#Amsterdam Publishers author Martin Bodek nails it with this review of “Not a Real Enemy,” and thank you kind sir! Please find at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, more, or: Ask at your local bookstore! Another amazing #adventure, his “Zaidy’s War,” is sure worth a look […]

Osc & Gino

Gino and the Guldemonds-Tim (“Osc,” after Oscar Goldman, remember him?) and sweet wife Robin come all the way down to #Florida from MA to see this thrice postponed but amazing show by #Canada’s timeless Gino Vannelli!

Dad’s Friend Milt

Meet Milt the Stilt, his heart and soul will never wilt! Oh yeah, he was Prez of Michigan Medical Society and has plenty of lilt! 93 years young, he was dad’s (“Not a Real Enemy”) first (and for a long while, only) friend after landing in #Detroit to practice OB/GYN, 1962! Retired Family Practitioner visiting […]

Robert Wolf Lecture at Congregation Beth Adam

Back to the lecture circuit on Shabbat and St Patty’s Day. Honored and blessed to be invited to do a talk by CBA about “Not a Real Enemy” in DelRay Beach, South County Civic Center-thank you Rabbi BJ Saul and the congregation for the invite! If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and say hi… Dad’s […]

SUAVV Article

o honored that SUAVV #Magazine published an article about “Not a Real Enemy,” and much gratitude for your support! The super stories and subject matter found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington in DC, more! Ask your local booksellers! Excerpts from and link to the #interview: ( #SUAVV […]

Bozsi and Laslo Orsko Hid Frank

Bozsi and Laszlo (Laci) Osko, dad’s fellow escapee Frank’s cousin and his wife, a Christian lady and owner of a shoe and toy shop in #Budapest where Frank hid behind and within boxes-you’d never guess where Ervin had to hide! The couple saved Frank’s life while seriously risking their own- The adventure and true story […]

Ervin’s Friend Frank

This is Frank, with his wife Edith (“Ditta”), conscripted into Forced Labor Camp in #Hungary with my dad, Oct 4, 1943-one of many keys to Ervin’s #survival, they escaped together twice and remained lifelong friends-a brilliant #engineer and stamp collector who settled in CA, his daughter reached out! The stories with these two in “Not […]

“Not a Real Enemy” on Yahoo! News Australia 

Hey Down Under-from Miami to Melbourne:  So thrilled about “Not a Real Enemy” being featured in Yahoo! News #Australia-the awesome #adventure available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, the USHMM in DC, more! Thank you mates-excerpts from and link to the press release below: 

Book Review

Say hey Carl from Coral Springs, FLA, never snarls! Rather, he #podcasts and he invited me to join his 80th this week! An author and #Vietnam Vet, thank you for your service, sharing our chat soon, re: potential perilous turns in life and survival! A devout Christian, he gets it-Great guy, stay tuned! Riveting stories […]