Jewish Link article/NY/NJ/CT/thanks all-don’t say it enough! 

Thrilled that the “Jewish Link” features National Indie Excellence Award  winning “Not a Real Enemy,” available at Walmart, Amazon, USHMM in DC, Barnes & Noble, more- Please ask your favorite store!  One click, nice pick:  #Antisemitism#JewishLink#NewYork#NewJersey#Connecticut Thank you all as always, I don’t say it enough! Best team evaaaahhhh!! XO from FL! Rob

Mount Clemens Public Library Speech and Book Signing

A new and exciting announcement, truly honored: We will be doing a 15-20 minute book talk, followed by a book  signing and Q & A/meet and greet in my home town, at the Mount Clemens Public Library on 150 Cass Avenue in Pure #Michigan, on Thursday, September 7, 2023, at 6pm. Warmed and blessed! Was raised in […]

Dave D review

Awaiting the Doobie Brothers tonight (50th anniversary tour with Michael M!), while enjoying Dave D Detailarosa’s fine review-thank you! Cool and clever guy, he runs a tight crew, and knows a thing or three about #cars too. Daring “Not a Real Enemy” found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, more- Please check it out at […]

Robert Wolf Speaks at the Weisman Center

Thank you Shelly P… For inviting me… Presenting “Not a Real Enemy” Takes place in #Hungary It’s #history and #biography, and I’d gladly sign a copy- Noon at the venerable Weisman Community Center in DelRay Beach, FL if you’re in the area to hear the story-Please DM for details. Honored! Available at Amazon, Barnes & […]

Milt Simmons MD review

#Doctor Milt and Estelle, they’re swell and doing well, this review rings the bell! “Not a Real Enemy” found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, more- Ask your local bookstore! #Michigan #Masterpiece #medicine #memoir #miracles 

Pablo at Latitudes

No platitudes from Pablo at Latitudes, after returning home to south #Florida, and the amazing raw bar manager buys “Not a Real Enemy,” the first of a doubleheader! Please find the interesting stories at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, more: Ask your local bookstore! #Atlantic #adventure […]

Good Day Northern Michigan Appearance

Thank you Eric and Adam, enjoyed my #CBS TV Good Day Northern #Michigan WWTV interview! We talked about escapes, deception, miracles, and #antisemitism in “Not a Real Enemy,” available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, more!

Rob Wolf On Wynmoor Community Authors Video Cast

Grateful for the opportunity to Zoom chat with our Wynmoor Community and share a comprehensive description of the stories and messages in “Not a Real Enemy” with our hosts, guests, and supreme fellow #authors, which led to our #book signings!  Hola and Shalom Caroline, Lynne, and Destiny!  Watch the discussion here…

Yahoo! News Press Release

Completely thrilled and humbled about “Not a Real Enemy” being featured in Yahoo! News-available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Read it here!