Featured Photos

Decapitated statue of Joseph Stalin with sharp implement wedged into his face during the Hungarian Revolution, Budapest, 1956
Ervin and Judit Wolf’s wedding picture, January 15, 1953
Harry Simon, Judit Wolf’s father, with her cousin Susie Benedek, Dr. Laszlo Benedek’s daughter. Dr. Benedek was arrested the night of the Wolfs’ wedding, imprisoned and tortured by the Russians for 13 months in connection with the Doctor’s Plot of 1953, a Stalinist fabrication. Mr. Simon greeted the Wolfs when they arrived by ship to NYC, January 1957
Author (me) with Judit Wolf and Dr. Frank Markus. Dr. Markus attended Medical School with Dr. Wolf in Budapest between WWII and the Hungarian Revolution
Judit Wolf’s I.D. during WWII, when she was 10 years old
Author (me) at Susie (Benedek) Schuldenfrei’s wedding, along with her grandmother.
Ervin Wolf as a child, with his parents Kamilla and Joseph Wolf, both killed in Auschwitz while Ervin was away at a forced labor camp