About Hungarian Papillon

The Hungarian Papillon: Dad’s Story is a biography about my dad, a four time escape artist, became an OB/GYN, fled to the U.S., delivered 50,000 babies in his career, after 2 wars, anti-semitism, persecution, etc. Survived and escaped from 2 forced labor camps, the Nazis, the Communists, and their Hungarian quislings! Mid-20th century Europe genre.

His resiliency and determination for freedom and a career in medicine were unmatched. There were a great deal of obstacles, any many forms of pestilence without cures, including hepatitis, TB, Diphtheria, Cholera, Pertussis, food poisoning, body lice and others! 

This story will touch many, and two important points:

  1. Unlike now, where most people are trying to help others, the Hungarian and other European victims suffering from illness, persecution, torture, starvation, poverty and the like had proverbial yokes around their necks and boots on their heads
  2. Most people that read this will say “I have nothing to complain about!”